Japanese course is also opened to foreign people who lives in Japan.
Please watch under of "Japanese lesson".

Piano lesson with English and German

I teach piano lesson with English or German.
Please tell me with "Contact",which language do you want to take,and all country students,
who could speak English or German can take this course.

After my piano lesson,you must be happy with laugh,and stress out of working,studying or house working!
I will tell you about joy and fun of music and art with my experiences,
and I would like to help your more beautiful life.
That's why I will try conversation between piano lessons to be meaningful.

I will teach not only classical musics but also movie music or pop music what you want to play.
Students who wants to play in front of people,could play in the cafe/lunch concerts of my course.
There you can not only playing piano but also can talk with other students with warm atmosphere,
and you could have a new friends from this school.

All people(working people,house wife/husband,students,pensioner) are welcome!。

Japanese lesson for foreign people in Japan

It might be difficult with only Japanese class in University or Japanese school group lesson.
In this course,I also teach Japanese not only with Grammar but also many with listening and speaking.
Please tell me which you want to study or can't understand with your Japanese class. I will teach you easily one to one.

About language lessons

1 Hour ¥3,500
1 Hour and a half hours ¥5,000
2 Hours ¥7,000

Tuition system, every lesson you can choose either.
We also accept business trip lessons.
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